What Does It Cost: There is a large difference between "Cost" and "Value". Our inspection fees are based on the amount of time spent on an inspection. The estimation of the inspection time is based on the size and age of the home and potentially a travel charge, depending upon location.  We usually do not schedule on the weekends; however, for an additional fee, there are occasionally inspections available on weekends. Please call us for a quote specific to your home (503) 970-5360. 

Our fees are very competitive and typically within $50 to $100 of our competition; our focus is on providing the best value at any price. To see a prime example of how trying to save a little on an inspection is usually much more costly in the long run, see our Sample Report 1, the home had been inspected for the current owners 2 years eariler by a low cost home inspector...

We strongly encourage you to ask the following 6 questions to other inspection companies and compare their answers to ours. In some cases our quote may appear a little more expensive at first, but no one else can beat our value.


1. Does our inspector have hands-on construction experience?

2. What type of report do you give?

3. Will I get an inspection report on site?

4. How long does an inspection take?

5. Can we attend the inspection? Will the inspector go over the findings of the inspection with us at the inspection?

6. Will the inspector get onto the roof?


One Last Thought...you are likely looking into our services because you are about to purchase a home or building, a decision which will likely cost you several hundred thousand dollars. An inspection will greatly influence on your decision to purchase that home or building.

Q: How many other professionals do you place that amount of trust in...A doctor? A lawyer? A stock broker?

Q: The last time you were looking for a doctor or lawyer did you base your decision on their experience and reputation, or because you could save $30 by using someone you found on Craigslist?
Please take your time looking for a professional inspector that you can trust. When you are ready, we are here for you.



1. Does our inspector have hands-on construction experience? (in the field, not behind a desk)

    Yes. If the inspector has little to no hands-on building experience how can they claim to be a building expert? Books and classes are great tools but they do not replace actual experience.

All of our inspectors have been in the building and construction for at least 12 years. Click on Our Crew to take a look at the Staff Profiles and for more information on the background of our inspectors.

2. What type of report do you give?

    Our report is a computer generated report in a narrative style with embedded photos. Photos of the major issues are included with explanations. Our reports are detailed but are also easy to understand. We do not use vague or broad terms which could make the results confusing. We do not use hand written forms or check boxes because we know that you want more information than: Roof condition: Poor. "What does poor mean? What needs to be repaired?" If you would like to view a sample report; contact our office and we will send you a pdf file of our sample reports.

3. Will I get an inspection report on site?

    No. All of the time we book with you is spent on the inspection of the property. It takes us an additional 2 to 3 hours to write a comprehensive and detailed report. You can view the report from your personal computer once the report is emailed to you, usually later that evening or the following morning.

4. How long does an inspection take?

    For most homes 3-4 hours is typical for our company. The time will vary depending on both the size and condition of the home. It is physically impossible to look at all of the items and systems of a house, as required by the Oregon Home Inspection Certification Law in less time. The time that we quote you will be spent inspecting your home; additional time will be put into writing the report away from the site.

    If an inspector is saying they can inspect a house in less time and give a report on site you have to wonder what is not being looked at and/or if detailed findings are included in the report?

5. Can we attend the inspection? Will the inspector go over the findings of the inspection with us at the inspection?

    Yes and Yes. You are more than welcome to attend and/or follow us through the inspection. Most of our clients find it more convenient to attend the last 1 to 1 ½ hours of the inspection so the inspector can show the digital photos and give the highlights of the report. This still gives you time to look at the house again, take measurements, and get the information about the house, without investing a large chunk of your day.

6. Will the inspector get onto the roof? Into the Crawlspace? Into the Attic?

    Yes. As long as it can be done safely.

Issues found in these 3 areas typically account for 75% of the major issues we find in a house, in terms of cost and overall impact. That being said, we try our best to thoroughly inspect these areas. These 3 areas alone easily require 1 to 1 ½ hours to properly inspect.

    Roof: Over 90% of the roof inspections we do are done by standing on the roof, which is the only true way to inspect a roof.

At training seminars hosted by both ASHI and NAHI (The two national home inspection associations) it has been strongly recommend that their inspectors do not get on any roof, but rather view the roof from the driveway or street with a pair of binoculars, to protect the inspector, not the buyer. This is referred to as inspecting to the “National Standard”

    Crawlspace: We get into over 95% of the crawlspaces we inspect.

Building Codes and FHA rules require a minimum crawlspace clearance of 18 inches, so most homes have only 18 inches of crawlspace clearance. The “National Standard” does not recommend entrance into a crawlspace with less than 30 inches of clearance. In other words, most crawlspaces are not entered but rather a flashlight is used to inspect them from the access opening.

Attic: We get into over 95% of the attics we inspect.

A term which may also be used to inspect attics and crawlspace is a “head and shoulders inspection” meaning; they’ll stick their head in the access and shine a light around, but will not enter.

After comparing us with other inspection companies, you will see that our quality, accuracy and value far surpass our competitors.