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Sample Report  1

The seller of this home bought the home two years prior to our home inspection. They did have the home inspected, but they went with an inspection company because it offered a $50 coupon. Their inspector lacked the experience and knowledge to identify the many issues that were present in the home. 

Unfortunately for them, trying to save $50 on their home inspection is now likely to cost them somewhere North of $50,000, because the State of Oregon only holds (bad) builders liable for structural defects for 10-years after the home is built (11-years had passed at the time). When they bought the home two years earlier (9-years after the home was built) all of the issues noted in our report would have been clearly visible.  Had their home inspector not missed the numerous issues and the obvious water stains and rot, the owners could have held the prior seller and the builder liable for the cost of the many necessary repairs.

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Sample Report 2

This is an inspection report of a 1960s home in relatively good condition. There has been ongoing maintenance and several systems improvements; however, with a home being made of hundreds of different parts it is challenging for even the most active of handymen to stay on top of everything.