We are proud to announce that PDX Inspect inc. has partnered with pre-listinginspection.com to make the pre-listing inspection reports available for free download to potential buyers. Realtors can note on their yard sign and fliers that a free pre-listing inspection report is available, which gives potential buyers much more decision making data, can save valuable time, and can show the best intentions of the seller. It is not necessary for a seller to publish their pre-listing inspection report. However, Realtors do use the data collected from the pre-listing inspection report downloads to follow up with active leads. For more details, click here.

As the name implies, a pre-listing inspection is an inspection requested by the seller of a property before they put their property for sale. A pre-listing inspection allows a seller to discover and address issues that may exist in the property and eliminating those issues from holding up the sales process.

Typically, property inspections are requested by the buyer of a property, after an initial purchase offer has been accepted by the seller. The discovery of significant or unexpected issues during the inspection contingency period can cause some potential buyers to terminate their offer, or demand emotionally driven price concessions, or require hastily arranged repairs to the property. A pre-sale inspection can ease or eliminate these concerns.

We offer two types of inspection services for pre-listing inspections.

A Full Home Inspection

A “Major Structural” Inspection


Our major Structural inspection focuses on the main structural components, which are the most likely areas for the most expensive issues to be found.  

The major structural inspection report is limited to the following:


 Our standard Full-Home Inspection evaluates not only the structure, but also includes the systems and interior components.

The full-home inspection report includes the following:

  • Crawlspace, Basement, Attic
  • Roof, and Siding
  • Decks, Porches, & Patios
  • Heating and Air Conditioning systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Kitchens, Bathrooms, Doors, & Windows
  • Infrared Imaging

In full disclosure. we believe that Pre-Listing inspections have more positive benefits than negative, but over the years we have observed both positive and negative results from pre-sale inspections. We offer you both the pros and cons for you to evaluate for yourself.

Positives for the Seller

  • Issues that might side-rail a deal can be addressed before the house is marketed, making them a non-issue
  • An existing inspection saves time
  • Large surprises are avoided
  • Many buyers see a pre-sale inspection as a direct cost savings to them.
  • With competing offers, many buyers may feel comfortable waving the home inspection contingency
  • It shows buyers that the seller has nothing to hide
  • It gives buyers more data for rapid decision making and increases the likelihood of a higher offer

Negatives for the Seller

  • Some issues discovered in a pre-sale inspection might not have been found by a different (less thorough) inspector, costing the seller rather than saving
  • Some buyers or buyers agents do not trust or accept the pre-sale inspection from an inspector they are not familiar with, and they still have a separate inspection, negating the time savings
  • Inspections are professional opinions, and opinions do vary. Some variations between inspection reports are inevitable
  • Any differences between inspection report can turn perceptions from trust and honesty to distrust and suspicion

We have successfully avoided many of the negatives for the seller by performing limited scope inspections such as our “Major Structural Inspection”. Our major structural inspections allow sellers to proactively address issues before they go to the market and also circumvent the unavoidable conflict of professional opinions on the minor or trivial issues. However, while this tactic is a benefit to the seller but the partial pre-sale inspection is not as beneficial to the buyer as a full home inspection is.

Additional benefits to buyer and seller:

  • When we perform a pre-listing inspection for a seller, we offer a valued customer discount on the full-home inspection of the home they purchase.
  • We also can perform a brief onsite review of the inspection and inspection findings with the potential buyer for our standard consulting fee.

FAQs about Pre-Listing Inspections

Q:  As a buyer, I want to understand the inspection findings more thoroughly. Can I talk to the inspector and ask them questions about their findings?

A:  Yes. We can meet potential buyers at the subject property and review all of our inspection findings and photos. We charge our customary consulting fee for the time spent. Call our office for specific pricing.


Q:  As a buyer, why should I trust the seller’s inspector is truly neutral and not biasing their opinions?

A:  It is natural for some buyers to assume a pre-sale inspection report is prejudiced to favor the seller; however, as Oregon Certified Home Inspectors, we would take on liability for non-reporting or manipulation of our findings as well as such actions causing significant damage to our reputation. Our company has an impeccable 20+ year reputation for thorough and unbiased inspections. Thereby, there is no incentive for us to report anything other than our objective professional opinion regardless of which party hired our services.


Q:  The seller only had a partial inspection (Major Structural Inspection), if we want the full home inspected do we need to pay for a full inspection?

A:  No. We can re-visit the property and inspect the areas that were not included in the Major Structural Inspection and amend the report so that you have a complete Full Home Inspection. We charge our usual consulting fee for the additional inspection time. Call our office for specific pricing.