48-hour Booking & Cancellation Policy: (modifications to our booking policy & 24-hour cancellation policies)

All inspections must be confirmed within 48 hours prior to the inspection. ALL client and property information is required to confirm an appointment. If we do not have all of the client and property information (client name(s), contact number(s), and email(s)/full property address) we will automatically move the appointment back in our cue and move up a confirmed appointment. Our prior 24 hour cancelation fee of 50% is also extended to this 48 hour window. Our office is not open on weekends so if your inspection is scheduled for a Monday/Tuesday, please note that you must cancel by 5:00pm on Thursday/Friday or you will be charged the cancellation fee.

REASON 1: We were unable to schedule many of our valued clients because of a tendency of some agents, and/or clients, to book spots on deals that have not yet come together - then canceling without enough time to book agents/clients with completed deals. We had several weeks where we had to turn away clients, only to end up with several holes in the schedule. This new policy will help to assure that we fill holes in our schedule while also giving greater availability to agents and their clients.

REASON 2: We are legally required by the state of Oregon to have signed contractual agreements with our clients. Just as a closing document would not be legal with only ½ of the purchasers signing, neither are our contracts. If the agent/client knows the client will not attend the inspection we need to have this notification so that we can acquire signature via email/fax before the inspection.

REASON 3: Incomplete information had not allowed us to send confirmations and to verify property information. Often we are not provided with the name or contact information of a spouse or partner in a transaction, which leave the inspector at a loss of knowing who they are meeting and who to give information to.

Re-Inspection Addendum Policy

Re-inspections will be confirmed on the schedule when the final addendum is received by our office.

REASON: We take the onus upon ourselves and away from the seller and contractor(s) by saying work has been completed. The addendum is the legal document that lets us know what we are looking at. At present inspectors are provided with addendums less than 50% of the time, requiring a loss of time waiting for the agent, seller, buyer, or assistant to email a copy of the addendum to the inspector who is waiting in the field.

Travel Fee Zones:

We have simplified are travel fee schedule to companywide travel fee zones.

REASON: Previously we had a travel policy based on the start point of each inspector, creating confusion. We have simplified this travel fee zones that are companywide.  A list of these zones can be found on our Fees Page

Posted Inspection Fees:

REASON 1: As with the travel fee, we are simplifying our fee matrix. Previously we had price adjustments for age and square footage, attempting create a more accurate estimation of time. There is simply no great way to accurately estimate time prior to the inspection. The value of our service is not a direct correlation to the time that we spend on site.

REASON 2: The thoroughness of our inspections, detail of our reports, and level of our service are unmatched. If potential client would rather shop around to save $20 by using a less through inspector, and receive a check box (useless) report, those are not the clients we are here to service.

REASON 3: Some less scrupulous, or not well informed, former clients have miss-reported the square footage of a house attempting to lower the inspection fee. All bookings are checked against available records to assure accuracy, invalidating any misreporting, as well as correcting complete square footage when only finished or above grade square footage was inadvertently provided at booking. Prices will be adjusted to match records if misreporting occurred.